Holiday Let Management Part 3

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Managing Holiday Lets – Part 3

In the previous blog we spoke about the importance of being adaptable to different guests although having a particular avatar in mind when you set the property up. If you are managing the property remotely and in our case 6 or 7 hours away it is really important you have great local trade partners. We vet our house keepers carefully, a great attitude is most important and often they are the eyes and ears of the property both pre and post guest checkout but also providing property audits fixing small issues as they occur. We try to meet with our housekeepers and build a relationship so that when problems occur (and they do!) they are sorted promptly and efficiently. Supporting local businesses is important to Rolcor and we also identify a good heating engineer, plumber, electrician, handyman and general builder who really do come into their own when needed. The most common issues seem to be connected with parking (where to), internet or TV, heating (thermostat or boiler) but I would prepare yourself also for the bizarre and extreme. We had one guest unable to work the microwave and with a baby who needed their milk, dogs (we allow pets) chasing sheep, gas leak, blocked drain, grill breakdown and shower leaking through ceiling. Fortunately these sorts of issues are rare but when they do happen the support of our local partners has been invaluable ensuring a prompt response and first and foremost the safety and wellbeing of our guests and neighbours.   



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